Book report in a bag project

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The Sign of the Beaver Essay & Project Ideas

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Book Report Alternative: Comic Strips and Cartoon Squares

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Make a Paper Bag Book

Provide time in order for students to different their book report projects so they can see others succeeding and have guided practice at creating the promise of their upcoming plans. • A map of an event in the book or related to the book.

• A diary entry or journal from one character’s point of view about an event in the book. • A letter from or to a character in the book. • A short report about an event during the time the story takes place. The event does not have to be in the book. Book Report in a Bag - Project Directions.

1. Remember to make sure you have a paper grocery bag. 2. Choose an appropriate fiction chapter book that you haven’t already read. (One that is not too easy and not too hard for you.) If you aren’t sure whether your book is. Make a Paper Bag Book (10 ratings) For children who love to read and write, and even for those who may struggle, authoring a book is an exciting opportunity.

This project combines arts and crafts with writing, as your child writes a story about himself and publishes it into a book—made out of a paper bag. The Sign of the Beaver Essay & Project Ideas Elizabeth George Speare This Study Guide consists of approximately 48 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Sign of the Beaver.

As Vokoun describes, the alternative to a traditional book report "allows students to create something unique and show their understanding of what they read." Further Reading McCloud, S. (). For this assignment, students were given a plain paper bag. On the front of the bag they had to draw an illustration of the main character.

On one of the side panels they had to write about the character's likes and dislikes, and on the other side panel they had to write about how the character interacts with other characters in the novel.

Book report in a bag project
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