Shoe box book report

Shoe Box Book Report and Task Cards

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Title: Book in a Box Sharon Hill Glenvar Middle School Sixth Grade Language Arts (A Book Report) Description of Lesson Students select a teacher-approved fiction book. SHOEBOX DIORAMA BOOK PROJECT Create a shoebox diorama of an important scene from your book.

Use a shoebox set on its side to create your scene. You can place the lid under the box to create more space for your scene. Use small inexpensive objects such as toys, construction paper, wire, clay, and so.

Created Date: 10/8/ AM. Shoe Box Storage found in: Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids, Arm & Hammer Fresh-N-Natural Household Odor Eliminator, oz. Boxes, all your little one’s craft supplies! Also useful for organizing and storing.

report, you can decorate and arrange figures and objects inside of the shoebox to illustrate a scene from the book.

The Greatest Journey

Think of the shoebox as a theater stage, and you are the director, prop.

Shoe box book report
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Shoe Box Book Report – Kelly Hancock's EDUC Teaching Strategies