Writing a counseling practicum report

How to Write a Practicum Report

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We help shape the next generation of mental health practitioners.

3) Maintain periodic contact with the field. Ernie Cowger Coun / Counseling Practicum. Phone: /6, (o), (h) Sept 10 - Nov 12, Office hrs: M-WF [email protected] Course Goals. 1. To gain skills and experience in individual and/or group counseling. Nov 06,  · Creating a title page is the first step in writing the practicum report.

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Students will need to write a title that briefly captures the practicum experience. Their name needs to appear beneath the title along with the semester dates for filing of the practicum report.

Additionally, the title page will include the college program of which students are attending. Following the title page, the next page should. Southwestern College offers a Master’s Degree in Counseling and a Master’s in Art Therapy, with a strongly holistic emphasis.

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Have you ever wondered how you can have a graduate degree in counseling and still feel so lost? Do you feel discouraged sometimes about your ability to succeed as a counselor?

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This best-selling guide to the practicum and internship.

Education with Integrity Writing a counseling practicum report
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